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5 Essential Bits of Information to Share with Your Makeup Artist

Typically, you would hire a professional makeup artist to do your face for special events. You need their experience and skills to work in making you the most beautiful and presentable that you can be for the occasion.

However, for your MUA to do that effectively, it is imperative to have a thorough consultation first. The meeting is the perfect time and place to clearly discuss the look you want and any other requirements you may have.

The problem here is, for a lot of people, the consultation feels quite unfamiliar. Many go into it with the idea that MUAs automatically know what to do with just a few bits of information from the client.

The reality is, professional makeup artists are certainly more skilled and knowledgeable than you are. But to meet your needs accurately, you have to discuss thoroughly the work you want to be done. This will allow them to educate you, especially if you have a look in mind and you have some restrictions, such as not wearing foundation.

The Information You Need to Share

So, what exactly should you tell your makeup artist? Seven important details are provided below.

1. The Occasion and Location

The most important thing for MUAs to know so they can service their clients well is what the makeup is for. So, inform your makeup artist about the occasion and location that you will be going to.

This is key in creating an appropriate makeup look and using the right products for the look. You want to make sure that your makeup looks right and will last throughout the event.

For instance, if there will be a lot of dancing because you’re going to a party; for sure, you will perspire. For this, your MUA will have to use a proven long-wearing foundation that also provides oil control.

Meanwhile, if the event will take place at an outdoor location during the autumn season, your MUA would have to go for radiant finish makeup that will give your skin some added moisture and glow no matter how nippy it gets.

2. What You Will be Wearing

What color is your dress?  Will you be wearing gold or silver jewelry? These are crucial details to share to ensure that you MUA picks the perfect colors to go with your entire look.

It’s important to point out the cut of your dress as well. Your makeup artist may have to use a particular body foundation if you have a low-cut dress. You never want your body to not match the rest of your face. Even if you do not tan, your MUA still has to make sure that your neck, chest, and even arms are of the same tone as your face.

3. Work You’re Getting Done Before the Event

During the consultation, do not forget to tell your makeup artist if you intend to get any work done prior to your actual appointment with her. Say, you are preparing for a formal event, and you will be changing your hair color, getting a haircut, or getting a spray tan or your skin bleached, share this information.

Changes in your hair and skin color will require your MUA to make some adjustments, especially if you have a specific makeup style in mind. For example, if you intend to go dark after being a natural blond all your life, your MUA may have to go for a foundation with more yellow undertones.

So, share these critical bits of information and help your MUA to prepare her tools well and ensure a beautiful makeup look for you.

4. Your True Skin Condition

Makeup artists can make a fair assumption about your complexion during the consultation, but they will not see how your skin behaves throughout the day. So, describe your skin tendencies to your MUA. Does it get very oily when it gets hot? Or, does it feel tight and dry when it gets cold?

Likewise, share if you have skin sensitivities. You never want to compromise your skin’s health. Plus, an adverse skin reaction to certain cosmetic ingredients will inevitably affect the look of your makeup.

5. What to Highlight and Minimize

Remember, the way you see yourself is not always the way others see you. Tell your MUA about what parts of your face you love and want to stand out, and what you want to draw attention away from.

For example, ask for an attention-grabbing eye makeup if you love your big eyes. And, request strategic contouring if you wish for your chubby cheeks to look smaller. This is a helpful way to direct her work in delivering the makeup look that you will be delighted with.

Communication is Important

It goes without saying that communicating well with your makeup artist is crucial. Thus, go into a consultation with boldness and an open mind. Share all your concerns and allow your MUA to address every one of your issues according to her experience and knowledge.

By the end of the consultation, you will have an arrangement that would be advantageous for the both of you, and you’ll be getting the look you want.


Hillary Kozma is the Owner/Managing Director/Creative Director of Kozma & Kozma Salon. Having built the foundation of her skills with an apprenticeship under a direct protege of Vidal Sassoon, Hillary and her husband opened Glow American Salon in Qatar in 2007 before expanding to Dubai as Kozma & Kozma in 2016. Hillary is hailed by the media as a “pioneer in her field” for introducing new talents, concepts, philosophies, and techniques to the Middle East.

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